d is for dessert

Hello my name is Tara and I am a dessert-a-holic...

I think the mini candy bars have done me in.  I have no control.

I mean, they aren't even very good and yet I can't...help...myself. 

I need to stop the insanity and quit sugar go back to treating myself with only the good stuff...

like the chocolate chip bread pudding above that I had a couple of weeks ago.

It was at a new bakery I'd been dying to try where the mantra is good ingredients matter.  We watched Charlotte karate kick her way towards a new belt and stopped in on the way home.

I, in an unusual state of together-ness, even brought along the homework...

that got finished along with each crumb of the brownie.

I think I just might try the handmade challenge this year...at least when it comes to sweets and treats.

I'm eating from scratch people...or at least I'm going to try.


  1. I agree, I keep eating the Halloween candy and it's not that great. I would much rather have a delicious baked treat like the ones you have pictured above!

  2. I would do my homework every night if it came along with brownies and hot chocolate.

  3. I've been pigging out on halloween candy too and you're right - they're not that good! But I can't stop, haha!

    That brownie looks all kinds of amazing.

  4. love the pic of you. at least mini chocolate bars are better quality than the rocket candy crap i've been eating. no, i will not be doing any side face profile shots until it completely leaves my system ;)

  5. you are so beautiful. I would love to wake up looking like you.

    And I want to go to this bakery with you. But no home work. I will bring magazines instead.

  6. Yay for Charlotte and her new belt!! I was lucky we had so many kids come by this year that we had to left over candy or mini chocolate bars!

    BTW I love that pic of you, you look so chic and stunning :)

  7. I agree what a beautiful photo. I know what you mean about those tiny itty chocolate bars-so decieving and enticing!
    Dessert from scratch? Yum-that is what my daughter does best, the gooier the better! You only live once:)

  8. I too have been on a mini choc bar binge and figured out today they must be banned from the house. Of course that is after I think I may make red velvet cupcakes ~ no balance here! Hope you are having a wonderful week-end Tara.

  9. Oh those little candy bars have me hooked on sweets so bad, I really need to stop!


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